A Caregiver's Role in Autism Treatment

At Village Autism Center, we believe that parent involvement and education is an integral part of any successful admission.  We look forward to partnering with you on the autism journey! 

Autism FAQs

What is Autism?

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with language, social communication, and repetitive behaviors or restricted interests.  


ASD affects 1 in 59 individuals in the United States (CDC, 2014).  It is more common in boys than girls and is reported to occur in all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups.

Treatment Approaches

There are literally 1000s of treatment options for autism, so it is extremely important to research the science and support for each one.  Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the most well-documented intervention for individuals on the spectrum.  


There are local and international supports and resources for individuals with autism and their families.  Below you will find a list of reputable resources that can aid with information, community supports, and financial considerations for families.

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What is ABA?

A Science

Behavior analysis is the science of behavior and when it is applied to important, socially significant behaviors, it is called ABA. ABA is a science, not just a set of tools, and should be modified to meet the needs of each client. One cannot simply get ABA therapy - it is an active, dynamic process. ABA does not have to be provided alone. It can be used in conjunction with other empirically supported interventions. 

Common Misconceptions

Some think that ABA is just for decreasing problem behavior or for kids who have significant needs. ABA strategies can be applied to individuals at all levels. Others think that ABA is therapist- rather than child-led. This is not the case at Village Autism Center. Some think that ABA therapy creates "robot-like responders", but research suggests that ABA can be used to increase spontaneity and creativity.  


ABA is often confused with DTT (discrete trial teaching). DTT is actually one way of presenting tasks that is based in ABA. ABA teaching sessions often include some DTT, some natural environment teaching (NET), and some incidental teaching. Verbal Behavior (VB) is a way of thinking about language itself as a behavior that can be changed. The VB approach uses ABA strategies to increase language and communication. 


There are lots of published studies using ABA to address deficits in language, social skills, and problem behaviors often associated with autism.  ABA strategies can also be used to address any behavior: gambling, smoking, sports, and leadership.  

Finding an ABA provider

Not all behavioral therapists are created equal. Make sure to look for a credentialed provider who has experience working on the needs of your child. High quality therapists will look forward to the opportunity to consult and collaborate with others.

Financial Coverage

Private Insurance

Village Autism Center is now in network with some of the most common private insurance companies. Contact us to find out if your insurance provider is one of them. 

We have also successfully negotiated contracts for individuals with insurance providers with whom we are out of network.  

GA Medicaid

In 2018, GA Medicaid and Medicaid CMOs will begin to cover services for children with autism.  Village Autism Center is an approved provider of these services.

Upcoming Caregiver Workshops

All parents and caregivers are invited to attend our informational workshop sessions.  Choose the topic that is most important to you and contact us to register.

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